Panasonic SD100, HS100 HD Camcorders

Panasonic launches two new camcorders named HDC-SD100 ($1299.95) and Hybrid HDC-HS100. Both can record at 1080p (Hull HD), using the AVCHD format (an Mpeg-4 derivative). They also both record on SD cards (Panasonic/Matsushita co-invented the format with Toshiba and Sandisk), but as its name indicates, the Hybrid HDC-HS100 ($1099.95) also have a 60GB hard drive.
The camcorders are also good at taking photos: they come with a 3 Megapixel sensor and their software can wait for a smile before taking the shot. For my particular needs (web stuff) Iíll go for the flash-only SD100, because it is smaller than its HDD touting sibling. [specifications (external)