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    Have you ever felt,
    Like you were holding a fragile heart,

    That could break any second,
    And then it shatters,

    And you don't know how to fix it?
    Then your world goes wild,

    With everything spinning but you,
    You stand still and stare at the moment,

    Not knowing what to say,
    Not even paying attention anymore.

    You want to say something to help the moment,
    But tears are saying enough.

    I want to hold the pieces of your broken heart,
    And put it back to one.

    I hold you close,
    Hoping you can forgive me,

    For hurting you so badly,
    I tell you I love you,

    And it's far from a lie.
    I cry on your chest,


    Apologizing again and again
    You finally pull me away and lift my face up towards yours,

    I look into your eyes,
    Wanting to turn away,

    But I'm forced by love to keep looking.
    And you say the three words I longed to hear:

    I love you.
    You wipe away the tears,

    Leaning forward to place a kiss upon my lips,
    And you pull me away,

    Holding me close as you can,
    You tell me once more at the same time I tell you:

    I love you.

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    very nice inspirations yar! thanx for sharing

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    hey u r welcome sunny how r u?

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    again sunny .grrrrr i will change my name

    well ya its true when u hurt ur loved ones u cry from ur heart even though ur eyes r dry.....u r breaking and bleeding within

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    well when u change ur name do let me know

    hmmm how u know so much littile devil

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    devil knows everything

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    really think again u might be wrong u don't know everything

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    hmmm .. ...

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    ash....u r rocking on this topic dear....U know there is a saying.. "Soulmates are the one who can push our buttons the best and who drive us crazy at times........" So be in the moment of of luck!!!

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    Who is this YOU in your POST..

    I really want to see...

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