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    Vlasta Sofia Guryeva was born on 01 october 1985 in former USSR.
    She started to work as a make up artist at the age of 18 – she created make up for editorials and catwalks. At the same time she graduated from the International University in Moscow with BA international communications.
    Vlasta had a major success working as a producer for several events and exhibitions. At the age of 20 she moved to London to continue education in the London College of Fashion. While studying she took up numerous fashion projects and had the opportunity to showcase her excellent photography and styling skills. She also became involved in the art direction.
    After 3 years in UK Vlasta’s next destination was Milan where she ended up her education with MA fashion styling in the Instituto Marangoni. Vlasta started up as a blogger doing her own projects and collaborating to different ones organized by other people. Her blog became one of the most popular ones, readers enjoyed her stories and thoughts illustrated with photographs and drawings. 2010 witnessed her in New York where she went to the ‘Fashion in media’ program at the Fashion Institute of Technology at the same time collaborating with US based designers and doing several art projects.
    Nowadays Vlasta lives in between Moscow, New York and Europe working as a permanent columnist for MENU magazine, GRAZIA and TATLER. Her other occupations are such as: art director, fashion stylist. Vlasta also develops her own project , which includes fashion blogs, editorials, videos, illustration, events, etc.

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