BlackBerry business tactics to fend-off the iPhone tsunami
RBC analyst Mike Abramsky doesn’t believe that the iPhone is a direct threat to Blackberry. He points out the fact that Blackberries are available though almost any major carriers, in the U.S, for example. This is quite true, and that’s also because the iPhone does not run on CDMA networks like Sprint or Verizon. Note that none of this happened because of the iPhone, but to expand Blackberry’s business.

Secondly, he mentions the willingness of Blackberry to let the carriers control the user experience. I think that this will ultimately lead to Blackberry’s demise. Wireless carriers suck at user interface or user experience and that’s partially why the iPhone is doing so well. I guess that it’s ok as long as it is easy to go back to the default Blackberry theme. However, having carriers control the interface is definitely not a good thing for users.
And why not consider the more obvious? The iPhone is not a direct competitor for the blackberry simply because it’s not designed as a “work” phone, but as a leisure phone. You should also read “Switching from Blackberry to iPhone? Read this first”. iPhone fans, fire at will!