Shuttle SX48P2 Deluxe PC Case
Shuttle concentrates on Intel-based systems this time round with its SX48P2 Deluxe chassis which was specially built for gamers. It also holds the distinction of being the first chassis from Shuttle that is able to support DDR3 memory. This bodes well for those who want to come up with high performance systems, as it offers more memory headroom (up to 8GB if you're rocking to a 64-bit operating system) at the full 1.6GHz bus speed although being confined to a tiny form factor case. The SX48P2 Deluxe also comes with an updated P2 mainboard that features dual PCI Express 2.0 slots and supports both dual mid-range video cards as well as large single cards for your gaming pleasure in addition to room for Wi-Fi, dual gigabit Ethernet jacks, and Bluetooth connectivity. Class doesn't come cheap though, as the SX48P2 Deluxe will retail for $771.