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Thread: The Way You Make Me Feel

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    The Way You Make Me Feel

    When I look at you
    My heart skips a beat
    Deep inside your eyes
    They sweep me off my feet


    Sitting in your arms
    I never want to leave
    When your body's next to mine
    There's a sort of comfort I receive

    Every time I see you
    And every time you speak
    Every time you look at me
    It makes my body weak

    I wish I could explain to you
    The way you make me feel
    When you put your hand in mine
    It proves the feelings real

    I wish I could be with you
    Every second of the day
    In your arms is where I want to be
    Its where I want to stay

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    love can do wonders ....and can make u feel things u never did

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    hmm.........Love is something like....zyada magic....

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    really nice post ash....

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