Canon Powershot A590: Complete One-Point Shooting Solution
Apart from being a complete one-point shooting solution, this one comes with the best manual controls this side of 12K. If you are a budding photographer, you will feel right at home. Itís got a slightly smaller LCD screen at 2.5-inch, but the megapixel count is 8.0.
The A590 offers 4x optical zoom, with optical image stabilization that allows shooting in full zoom. The main reasons I selected it for this list: manual controls and the accuracy of the scene modes. The camera also allows manual focusing, only digital though.

The lens offers a zoom range equivalent of 35-140mm, while the aperture ranges from f/2.6-f/5.5. I like this camera because itís fast and doesnít leave waiting for that micro-second when your subject is inconveniently whizzing past you. The camera takes two AA batteries. We used two alkaline batteries, which offered over 130 pictures (after which I lost count). The camera costs Rs 10,500 with a 1GB card. Totally worth it!