Lenovo IdeaPad U330 Y430 Y530 Y730 - Lenovo New Color Styles
The 13-inch Lenovo IdeaPad U330, 14-inch IdeaPad Y430, new IdeaPad Y530 and IdeaPad Y730 run on the recently released Intel Centrino 2 processor technology.
IdeaPad U330 is a slim and very light notebook designed for ultra-portability and colored in glossy Indigo blue and Bold black, measuring just 0.9 inches thick at 4 pounds. The VeriFace facial recognition system allows its users to record a video message for unauthorized users, lasting for up to 30 minutes.
This model also has touch-sensitive multimedia controls including for the audio powered by Dolby Home Theatre technology, LED backlit display, and an optional built-in DVD burner. In addition, Lenovo enabled switchable graphics so the user to be able to choose when to run high-demanding graphic applications and when to save power. Its battery lasts for up to 5 hours of continuous operation.
To enhance the security, Lenovo’s Active Protection System saves the data if the notebook falls, so users to recover all the information at a late time using the smart One-Key Rescue System
IdeaPad Y430 and Y530 come in Bold black or Crimson red with optional framed screen and Blu-Ray DVD player.
The Valencia orange or Indigo blue Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 is a model equipped for multimedia capabilities on the go, with the Game Zone function, touch sensitive multimedia controls, Dolby Home Theatre, One-Key Rescue System, VeriFace facial recognition, HDMI, optional Blu-Ray DVD player, and up to 320GB hot-swappable hard drives.