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Thread: has anyone tried anything that really brightens the complexion?

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    has anyone tried anything that really brightens the complexion?

    Please don't post messages about how "one should be comfortable in the skin they have". I'm starting this thread because a lot of people have the same question on their minds.

    I've tried more than 10 fairness creams. National and internatioal brands..beleive me, NONE of them work. Some even started to darken my complexion so i had to stop using immediately. I just take good care of my skin and avoid the sun as much as possible. And my complexion actually has lightened.

    My friend says Shiseido white lucent is good for the skin. I personally apply Rosewater and I like it, I think it works as a toner.

    I was watching a segment of this Pakistani morning show, Good Morning Pakistan that comes on ARY, and the dermatologist, Dr. Fazeela Abbassi, who hosts that particular segment talked about fairness treatments that are available. She FORBADE everyone to use that concoction of creams that Pakistani women use because of its drastic long-term side effects.

    She did say, though, that to get a brighter and more even complexion, one should use a Kojic Acid based serum/cream. Also, don't skip on sunscreen whenever you go out during the day and use it with proper protocol. Keep yourself well hydrated. Take enough fibre in your diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and do aerobic exercises.

    Good luck!

    i can't believe ppl go to such lengths to get lighter
    almost all women in pak bleach their face and i dont even like the look of golden hair on the artificial

    i think i read somewhere that there's a difference between skin lightening creams and skin brightening creams
    one has bleach and the other merely brightens your complexion with light diffusing particles
    i have never used one so i wouldnt know but everyone should stay away from skin bleaching products


    I do use multani mitti (fuller's earth) on my face and neck. Its natural and has no side effects. It really helps get rid of acne and lightens the skin. Very good for oily skin. I don't add rose water to it cuz rose water doesn't suit my skin.

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