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Thread: Press Conference after PTI Core Committee Meeting - imran khan pervaiz khatak

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    Press Conference after PTI Core Committee Meeting - imran khan pervaiz khatak

    Taken at PTI Central Secretariat Islamabad
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    Press release of the PTI Core Committee meeting under the Chairmanship of Imran Khan

    The Core Committee of PTI met today under the Chairmanship of Imran Khan and decided the following:

    One: PTI remains committed to dialogue and giving peace a chance. This is the only way to identify those who wish to dialogue for peace and isolate those groups not prepared to stop violence and terror attacks. Many of these groups are being funded by our enemies. In order to have viable peace talks PTI remains convinced that there must be a structuralised approach.

    Two: We are convinced that some forces are determined to sabotage the dialogue and peace process and these should be thwarted.

    Three: The federal government has been given a clear mandate in the APC and we demand that they move on this. One important step that the federal government must fulfill, is its commitment to take the drone issue to the UN Security Council without any further delay. Otherwise it will become evident that the federal government is non-serious about the national consensus reflected in the APC. Even if a ceasefire is agreed to by all parties to the dialogue, drone attacks will derail this process. Therefore stopping drones is critical to furthering any dialogue and peace process.

    Four: Military operations are always a last option, to be decided upon when all else has failed. Such operations must be clearly defined in terms of scope and goals.

    Five: On other issues, the Core Committee condemned the government's anti-people economic policies comprising of unjustified price hikes which target the poor and middle classes; of a free fall for the rupee; of spiraling inflation along with unprecedented note printing - 800 billion in under 3 months. The poor people of Pakistan are being made to pay the price for the elite's tac evasion and corruption.

    Six: The Core Committee criticised the government and opposition for not taking the PTI into confidence in the process of appointing a NAB Chairman.

    Central Media Cell
    051 2270744

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