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Thread: How to write A profeesional Document...

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    How to write A profeesional Document...

    HI all,

    Check these 10 valuable points while writing professional document..

    1.Use a formal greeting in your professional correspondence such as Dear Sir, Madam, or To Whom it May Concern. Use last names such as Dear Mr. Brown. And don't use first names informally like "Hi Bill!"

    2. Compose an e-mail letter off line and set it aside for awhile before you post. Chances are you'll go back and find you've omitted material or said too much, used poor grammar, or included awkward wording. Remember when to use capital letters and when not to.

    3. Spell check all your documents. This may be obvious but I'm surprised how many people don't. Always spell check - even when writing personal correspondence.

    4. Avoid adding attachments unless the person you are contacting expects to receive one. Attachments have become the recognized virus carrier in cyber space and are often deleted along with an unopened message.


    5. When you do send an attachment make sure you've attached it!

    6. Don't type your message in caps. It makes you look like a government agency demanding back payment on taxes. A message in caps is the equivalent of yelling.

    7. Include your telephone number and both your surface and e-mail address.

    8. Be brief and to the point in your correspondence. The journalist's mantra of who, what, where, when, and how applies to good e-mail postings as well.

    9. Keep a copy of your e-mail for future reference.

    10. Remember that nothing can substitute for face to face communication when it comes to letting others know about yourself.

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    ....informative one...good post anjali....

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    Thanks buddy... How r u??

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