Completed just recently in January 2011, the project “Hydrostatic Journey to the Origins of Consciousness”,

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consists of a 7’x9’ rear-projection screen that hangs from the ceiling about 5.5’ from the floor. The screen is facing down and parallel with the floor. There is a custom-made clear vinyl waterbed that lies directly underneath the projection screen inside a clear acrylic box. The viewer is allowed to lie on their back on the waterbed and view a video being rear-projected onto the screen. The video is from a waterproof camera lying at the bottom of a ten-gallon water tank. As the video records upwards towards the sky, the whole device is transported from midtown Kansas City, to downtown, then to the Missouri River and back. As the tank moves the camera records up through the surface of the water, which then distorts the imagery. The end result is an upward angled view of trees, buildings, houses and the sky as the device moves from a concrete city to the natural landscape.

By utilizing a bed of water, the participant is submerged into a state of weightlessness allowing a new level of attention to the video being displayed. The core of the experience floats in an ephemeral state of consciousness where the physical world constantly moves and ripples as the journey to our origins unfolds. The upwards view of the sky, skyscrapers, trees and city structures are constantly flowing and mixing together as if having evolved from the same original source.