iPhones contract reportedly won by Hon Hai

Hon Hai Precision Industry from Taiwan has apparently snagged the (mythic) contract from Apple to manufacture 12 million cellphones. This might be the break that hordes of apple fans were waiting: the iPhone could be on track to be released sometime in the first half of next year. The new iPhone will hopefully be a formidable MP3 player unlike the Motorola ROKR that failed pretty miserably. What would you be willing to pay for an Apple cellphone, and what features would you love to see in it? Having a large amount of flash memory would probably be on your list. The picture shown is just an art concept and does not come from Apple. We previously said that Apple would not launch a cellphone until it finds a business model. I'm curious to see what it is.
Patent filing of possible Apple cellphone

Apple Computer has recently filed a patent for a multi-functional handheld device, leading to many speculations that the company is going to expand its stable of products to include a smart cellphone. The filing which was published last week shows broad illustrations and descriptions of a bunch of handheld devices that boast touch sensors all round. Apple is widely tipped to unveil a convergence device that marries the functions of a cellphone, a portable media player, GPS, remote control, a handheld console, and a PDA into a single entity. The schematics shown belie the fact that this new device, should it see the light of day, will come in a candycar form factor. One can only wait with bated breath for such a release. Do you guys prefer the convenience of a convergence device, or remain loyal that a jack of all trades is master of none?
Apple could work on iPhone

Apple could be working on a music player cellphone if the latest Apple analyst Q3 conference call is anything to go by. The success of Sony's Walkman line of cellphones have prompted Apple's CFO to respond that Apple will be addressing the situation as cellphones are not the best music players available in the market today. That statement alone should make it pretty clear that a possible iPhone is in the works even though there is no confirmation of such a project nor a timeframe released. Hopefully within the next couple of years we will see such a device roll out from Apple.
Softbank and Apple to co-develop iPod phones
It has been reported by AppleInsider that a new wave of iPod phones is coming. Softbank Corp, a cellphone service provider is working with Apple to build iTunes compatible cellphones. This is obviously not the iPhone (Apple's own cellphone) that many people are waiting for (in vain). On the contrayry, this appears to be a software effort similar to what has been done with Motorola, quite frankly with little success. The specifications of the device are not known yet, but we know that it will be 3G. Storage capacity, design and limitations on the number of songs are two additional key factors that will make, or break the device.