HDMI hub to the rescue
Don't get too smug when you go shopping for your brand new full High Definition TV (HDTV). Make sure you check that there are more than a single HDMI port, as chances are there will be plenty of devices clamoring for some HDMI lovin' a few years down the road. Remember those days when having a USB port considered luxurious, that motherboard manufacturers only included two USB ports at most? That was just five years ago, and how things have changed. In order to solve your lack of HDMI headache, fork out some dough for an HDMI hub today. The latest of such hubs was released in Japan, and the Radiient HDMI Switch Select-4 is compatible with HDMI 1.2a, HDCP, and 1080p. Oh, and the 460 Euro price tag will probably scare just about everybody away.