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Thread: Veeraniyan on A-Plus TV

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    Veeraniyan on A-Plus TV

    A family drama with a message. It’s about two families who are ruined by chance. Saqib’s mysterious disappearance in Kuwait, Maria his daughter to sacrifice her youthful dreams to support her mother Saeeda Begum and younger sister Sarah to continue her studies. Sarah’s classmate Zain hails from a family who are trying to cope after the collapse of a business empire. His brother Adnan is supporting the household by working in a call centre. Their father Zulfiqar has just lost his house to his creditors and along goes the memories of his beloved late wife Bushra who died while giving birth to their youngest daughter Anushay. The two families are brought together when Zulfiqar moves into the upper portion of Saeeda’s house as a tenant. With Adnan marrying Maria the two families become relatives much to the disgust of Sumbal---Zulfiqar’s divorcee niece---who wants to hitch either Adnan or Zain.

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