A smile so innocent and sweet,
Make you stumble over your feet.
Long lashes with bright shining eyes,
Appealing bodies with thick thighs.

Silky soft hair swaying gently,
Wanting her for eternity.
Face of an angel from above,
Heart full of hope and faithful love.

Often she's taken for granted,
A seed never being planted.
Dreams crushed, trampled by another,
Father, mother, brother, lover.

Yet she still remains standing tall,
Refusing to let herself fall.
She has been through it all before,
Nevermore will she hit the floor.

Stranded all alone on her own,
Her feelings are truly unknown.
Locking down every single door,
Settling each and every score.

Desperately she longs to confide,
Sick with sadness that she may hide.
Soon you'll see she is this and more,
Someone to care for and adore!