The pleasant breeze, The lush green trees,
Grey clouds charting the blue sky,
Scattered drops make the flowers shy,
The pleasure comes and sorrows cease.
All the humans, absorbed in the world,
Puzzled between things that are mundane,
Few find peace at temporary gain,
Rest enclosed in an artificial mould.
Think! How simply things bring joy?
Fragrance of flowers and dew drops,
Chirping birds and the fragile crops,
The resplendent balance without employ.
Thick bushes nestling the feeble birds,
While men strangled within the walls,
Glue themselves to the lofty malls,
Overburdened with useless talks and words.
Enmeshed in the complex, materialistic net,
We have forgotten to enjoy with nature,
One which always nourishes and nurture,
We’ll regret being away from this asset.