We have been watching & praising the parents of our brave soldiers who gave their lives for this country; this song portrays the feelings of a young widow whose husband went away for this country never to come back. The idea was simple, the words had to be subtle, yet they had to depict the real emotions of a pure/faithful love for a lost husband.

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amazing story,lyrics,music and everything a perfect song and Sadia Faisal how can i forget you your acting,your hands lol and Hassan Hayat Khan amazig work well done i mean everything lyrics, composition,voice and everything well done Nouman Javaid you played the guitar beautiful amazing work done all of the team proud of you guys well done

Artist: Hassan Hayat Khan
Music: Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi
Guitars: Nouman Javaid
Model: Sadia Faisal
Lyrics & Composition: Hassan Hayat Khan
Mixed & Mastered: Afzal Hussain
Dir: Muhammad Waleed Abbas & Hassan Hayat Khan
D.O.P: Fahim Fazli
Post: Raspberry Studios (HD)

ou've worked really hard for this and it is amazing without any doubts the concept as a whole is just fantastic the shots lighting the plot everything is just awesome great work bro. God bless!