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Thread: Car problem

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    Car problem

    Judi was bored with driving her BMW. It laced individuality and
    besides that, every other girl in the office had one. She fancied
    something a bit more individual, perhaps an MG convertible.
    That week she visited her local car dealer and spied a beautiful
    Jaguar XK140 convertible. It was wonderfully restored and she
    fell in love with its gorgeous red paint work. An empty check
    stub later and off she was tearing down the leafy country lanes
    enjoying her beautiful new car. Her long blonde hair was flowing
    in the wind, music blaring from the radio, what could possibly
    go wrong?

    At that thought there was a splutter from the engine and the
    car slowly coasted to a stop. She got out and lifted the bonnet
    and concluded after a few minutes that she didn't have a bloody
    clue what was wrong. Luckily she had her mobile phone with
    her and a quick phone call to the AutoClub and a short wait
    saw a bright shiny yellow van pull up behind her.

    "That's a lovely car," said the mechanic. "What seems to be
    the matter?

    Judi replied, "Well, it just conked out I'm afraid."

    "Let me have look." He set to work and ten minutes later the
    engine was purring like a cat again.

    "Thank goodness," she said. "What was the matter?"


    "Simple really, just crap in the carburetor," he replied.

    Looking shocked she asked, "Oh. How many times a week do
    I have to do that?"

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