Spyware Detected on Your Computer and How to Fix it
The first thing to do is STOP what your doing. You need to be very careful when dealing with this problem. If you are getting a popup that says “Warning spyware detected on your computer” and then provides a link to spyware program DO NOT click on it. This is actually a trick used by various spyware, malware, and adware programs to simply infest your computer with MORE spyware.
If the message you are getting gives you more generic advice like “install an anti virus or spyware remover to clean up your computer” it is probably a legitimate threat.
How did you get spyware on your computer? There could be a myriad of reasons.
* You recently downloaded shareware, freeware, or some other low cost program. A lot of these programs are “free” for a reason, the developers are paid to place spyware in it to steal information and recoup the cost of creating the software.
* You downloaded music or other files through peer to peer or other shared networks.
* You visited an untrustworthy website that hijacked your browser. A lot of “free giveaway websites, pornographic, and even song lyric websites are loaded with spyware. Without some sort of protection they can easily infect your computer.
So the question becomes what can I do about it? The first thing I recommend is do NOT try to fix the problem yourself. A lot of these files are deeply embedded and just removing a couple malevolent programs does not mean you are removing the spyware in it’s entirety.
I also do not recommend this action because you might inadvertently delete important registry or system files which could potentially corrupt your operating system. A good spyware detector will give you detailed analysis of what the threats are so you can be certain you aren’t deleting any files you actually need.
To fix the Warning spyware detected on your computer message, you need a great spyware removal tool. I have created a website Spyware Fix , detailing some of the best spyware removers on the net. Come on in and have a look to discover what I consider my #1 choice for killing spyware. With this program I promise you will never see that dreaded “Warning spyware detected on your computer” message ever again.