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Thread: Middle School Dance

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    Middle School Dance

    The pictures from Atkins are on KR photoances can be extremely nerve-racking. You wonder who is going to ask you to dance and then worry about what to do if no one asks. Then you are concerned about what to wear, and are wondering how you are supposed to dance.
    On the night before the dance, get your hair done, a cute top and jeans or a skirt, and a pair of matching shoes. This is your first dance, and you should feel comfortable. For guys, just wear a nice graphic tee and a pair of jeans. If its formal just a nice white, button up shirt and a pair of black slacks/pants with black shoes. Remember, white socks do not go with black shoes. Be sure to put your best hair on, and use conditioner.
    Skip the cocktail dress, and depending on your school, unless it's semi-formal, consider skipping a dress entirely. Don't act like anyone else, be yourself. If you want to get someone to dance with you, don't be afraid to jump out of your seat, and ask who you want to dance with.If whoever you ask turns you down, THEY should be ashamed, not you.
    Become familiar with the songs. Listen to the radio and get to know most of the words to popular music. Also, learn dance songs such as Teach Me How to Dougie, You're A Jerk, Wobble, Wop, Single Ladies, Cat Daddy, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Macerana, Like the Bernie, and Crank That. The DJ will most likely be playing these songs, and if you know them, it'll make you feel part of "the crowd".
    Also, don't be afraid to dance with no one at all. Sometimes its just more fun to dance with your best friends. Just don't make your dance group too big, there needs to be space for everyone!
    Dance like people are almost not there, just try to get the beat right though. Or else people might look at you like "what are they doing?!". No one can resist a crazy girl or guy. Consider dancing and having fun. The girl who dances and has the most fun is the most gorgeous girl in the room. Just go all out, jump up and down, and have fun! People aren't jealous of the people with the pretty hair; they are jealous of the people having the most fun!
    Make sure you do not sit in the benches or chairs by the wall, trying not to attract attention, when you really want to dance. People might look at you and wonder, "Why isn't he/she out on the dance floor?" Just care less about what the others think of you. If you really want to dance, get out there and have fun.
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