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Thread: Batch 7 - Assessment of Natural Make-Up

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    Batch 7 - Assessment of Natural Make-Up

    The most important tip for daytime makeup is that woman should clean her skin with soap and water by using her favorite cleaning product. Then apply the moisturizer to her entire face.
    The second important tip for daytime makeup is that woman should apply foundation to her skin tone and hide her dark circles. Moreover, she should use the concealer for hiding her trouble spots. Woman should choose the foundation along with SPF 15 sunscreen for protecting her skin.
    The third tip for applying the daytime makeup is that woman should use the powder brush of her eyelids. Afterwards, she should use the powder brush for applying the light coat of her facial powder.
    The next tip for applying the daytime makeup is that woman should line the edge of her eyelids. It is advisable that woman should select the eye makeup that emphasizes her eye color. It is important that woman should keep the color natural and should avoid the dramatic looks.
    In additionally, woman should curl her eyelashes before applying the mascara in order to prevent for breaking her eyelashes. Afterwards, she should apply the second coat of mascara after her first coat gets completely dried.
    The last tip for daytime makeup is that woman should apply blush on over her cheekbones. Woman should line her lips with the lip liner that matches with her lip color. She should choose the muted and natural lip color.
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