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Thread: Practice of High Fashion MakeUp Assessment

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    Practice of High Fashion MakeUp Assessment

    The ultimate make-up Assessment for those who are serious about a career in high fashion Make-up Artistry.
    This Assessment will take you from a basic foundation level, through to a high level of photographic and creative make-up. There is plenty of hands-on experience -You will spend a lot more time applying make-up and watching demonstrations than theory work, which is minimal. Working in pairs, the students work on each other to gain the widest range of experience.
    This Assessment is suitable for beginners and experienced artists requiring a refresher.
    The first two weeks are a foundation in basic make-up skills: analysing skins, choosing the correct foundations and concealers, applying & blending eye make-up, eye liners, eyebrow shaping, false lashes, colour-correcting, highlighting. You will also learn about hygiene, organising your own make-up kit, client counselling techniques, face shapes and product awareness.
    You will spend the next two weeks in the company of top working Make-up Artists who will demonstrate techniques for creating the latest looks in high fashion photographic make-up. You’ll then be guided by the Make-up Artist in a professional workshop environment as you create your own looks. These skills come into practice in a professional photo shoot using an up-and-coming model with clothes supplied by leading British Designers, a Hairstylist and a leading fashion Photographer. These pictures will build your all-important portfolio.
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