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Thread: Bridal Makeup Assesment

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    Bridal Makeup Assesment

    3 Tips for Your Make Up Trial
    Plenty of ladies book a make-up trial into their calendar for their wedding so as to evaluate how they may look like with the make-up on their big day. This is good for those who don’t normally wear make-up or you want to try a totally different image. You can some find useful information below on what to expect for the trial.
    Make-Up Assessment: Skin and Blemishes
    If you are visiting a cosmetics specialist or a salon for your make up testing, it is probably wise to listen on the tips and tricks to caring for your skin. It will be hard to use make-up as a concealer if your skin is not well maintained. Techniques and tips will be properly advised like exfoliation, maintaining skin balance, using sun block and more. Most of these will ensure your skill will be protected and naturally fitting for the big day.
    Make-Up Assessment: Emphasis
    Another useful tip your specialist may advise is focus. Basically, choosing one of the features of your face to focus on will produce an alluring look that is not overly done. Take the eye for example; using shadow, liner and mascara should sufficiently bring out the look needed. The lips on the other hand, should remain as natural as possible with some gloss. If you plan on using the lips as the focal point, it should be a bright one with the eyes as plain as possible. This will prevent you from looking over done.
    Make-Up Assessment: Color
    Different brides to be would want to look beautiful in different variety and shades of make-up colors. If you have grey, green or hazel eyes, brown shades of shadow will reflect the beautiful color and depth of your eyes. People with blue eyes will look stunning in warm shades such as rose and mocha. If you actually have dark eyes, you might probably want to wear bright and warm shades like chocolate, persimmon or deep pink. Your make-up advisor will probably be able to tell you the exact colors that will look great on you over colors that match your outfit.
    It is good to spend some time and trying different things until you are satisfied with the look you want. Having a make-up assessment is a good thing in that a specialist will be able to properly teach you on the selection of shades, brands and techniques.
    Additional Tips to work on:
    Try to avoid bringing lots of people for your make-up assessment. The reason is because if there are friends or family members who are vocal and opinionated, you might find yourself bring persuaded into a look you know you won’t like it in the end. What truly matters is your own opinion considering it will be your special big day and you want it to look the very best way you want it to be. If possible, you might want to do up your hair together so you can see how you look like as a whole.
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