Switching from Blackberry to iPhone? Read this first
Judi from Web worker daily has an interesting post about her switch from Backberry (8800) to iPhone. I read it and I mostly agree with her. Obviously both platforms have great strengths and how you will come to appreciate them will depend on how you use your phone. Basically, it comes down to this:

* iPhone (2.0) is better for: Web browsing, SMS conversations, Bluetooth pairing, Multiple calendars, multiple homepages.
* Blackberry (4.2) has an edge with: Email, keyboard, dialing shortcuts, magnetized sleep and longer battery life.

Read Judi's post and make an educated switch Ė that might save you a load of cash. Oh by the way, 33% of iPhone owners had a second phone not so long ago, mainly Blackberry phones, I suspect. Thatís another expensive solution