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Thread: AJ Studio - Couples

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    AJ Studio - Couples

    AJ is an artistic and passionate photographer who continues to deliver timelessly gorgeous photos that exceed expectations time and time again. With over 19 years of experience and a natural talent for photography, AJ's interpretation of a moment and his ability to capture it create stunning and artistic photos for a lifetime of meaningful memories. AJ's passionate and down-to-earth personality encourages maximum comfortably with the brides, grooms and families to capture just the right feeling and expression for breathtaking photos. AJ prefers natural environments and back drops to give a glamorous and elegant look that is realistic and beautiful. Studio backdrops and implemented artificial backdrops are never used at AJ Studio. AJ's style is as unique as each of his photos.The team at AJ Studio takes pride in offering a personalized and professional service that makes its clients feel comfortable and relaxed for beautiful photos that are natural and effortless. The photographers understand that each wedding is unique and aim to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each celebration. Photos are personally tailored to bring out the true essence of each couple and their special moments. Clientele include British council, British deputy high commission and many well-known designers and make-up artists.
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