Parrot Minikit Slim
Parrot's new Minikit Slim Bluetooth speaker comes in an extremely slim and stylish body, making it suitable for use in just about anywhere, be it the car, office or at home. It comes with a clip that allows you to attach it on your vehicle's visor, to your LCD monitor or even onto the lapel of your shirt if you so desire. Since it weighs 83 grams, it won't slip that easily as you move around with the Minikit Slim attached. Being a speakerphone, it is well-equipped with enough memory to store 2,500 contacts, features voice activation and NXT vibrating panel technology for crystal clear sound quality. You can look out for the Parrot Minikit Slim from next month onwards for 59.99, although the initial run comprises of a limited edition (Minikit Chic) model with a floral design