Digital Foci Photo Safe II
Digital Foci just unveiled its Photo Safe II storage drive that aims to make direct photo transfer from a digital camera to a hard drive a snap without the need for a computer or laptop. Perfect for frequent travelers as you will be able to empty your memory card in a jiffy after uploading all the photos to the Photo Safe II. It will come in 80GB and 160GB models, featuring a memory card reader that supports the most common formats. The card slot remains well protected against the elements thanks to a rubber cover, but make sure you have the nails to open it as I tend to find that such rubber covers can be quite a pain to remove right after I've gotten a manicure. Data transfer speeds top out at 5MB/s, so you might want to be patient with that 8GB SDHC card of yours during transfer. The 80GB and 160GB model will retail for $140 and $190, respectively.