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Thread: Firdous Fashion - Men's Footwear

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    Firdous Fashion - Men's Footwear

    Firdous is one of the most distinguished and popular brand in Pakistan. This brand highly deals in providing interesting clothes and shoes products for men and women. Firdous brand was set up into the fashion industry in 1970. This brand is working in collaboration with the Firdous Textile. Every year Firdous brand has impressed a wide range of people with their stunning shoes collection and as we know that Eid has arrived nearer and on the other hand many brands are approaching with the shoes collection so how can we expect that Firdous would leave behind. Newly, Firdous launched their latest and exceptionally special Eid footwear collection 2013 for men. The whole Eid footwear collection looks elegant and stylish for men. This footwear collection comprises energetic and lively colors that sets well for the personality of the men and also matches with the upcoming religious festival. So all the men if you want to look fashionable and dazzling then donít forget to check the Eid footwear collection 2013 by Firdous Fashion.The designs of Firdous Eid shoes are plain and modern. Thus, Firdous fashion footwear collection 2013 has introduced such shoes for men that undoubtedly fulfill all their wishes to make their feet chic and comfortable on Eid. However as regard the prices are concerned then they are surely high flying and expensive but the men will definitely forget the rates after viewing the collection. In this post, we are sharing few pictures of Firdous fashion Eid footwear collection 2013 for men.
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