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Thread: Cycling in Karachi

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    Cycling in Karachi

    The Karachi Walla all day dreams about sports. There is no better sight than watching early bids heading to golf courses, football grounds, cricket fields and gyms in the city which never sleeps. But surely the best of the lot are the people pedaling across the city. And when they combine, they call themselves Critical Mass Karachi.
    Critical Mass is a cycling event followed across the globe. The idea was originally conceived in 1992 in San Francisco.The idea was to bring cyclicst to a gathering point from where they could start traversing city streets. The idea was simple yet powerful and the movement gathered pace across the globe. At different locations it even played an active political role. These rides have been termed as “political protest rides” and ‘a part of a social movement’. However the gatherings in Karachi are much humbler. The objective here is to celebrate cycling and reclaim its share in the streets of Karachi. There are similar groups in Lahore and Islamabad too.
    The movement in Karachi has picked up pace recently. The group has started taking two routes to accomodate beginners, giving them a chance to pedal for shorter distances before testing their legs and stamina over longer ones. It’s a family affair with kids comprising a healthy percentage. The group size could vary from twenty to fifty-odd cyclists. The rides are planned for Sunday morning and generally start as early as seven o clock in the morning. You need to have a bicycle to join. A helmet, a pair of gloves and a bottle are accessories you should consider buying also.
    Winter is the perfect time to start the journey with Critical Mass. You are guaranteed to experience the city in a way you have never done before.
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