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Thread: Pantene Pakistan - Day 2 PBCW Rani Emaan

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    Pantene Pakistan - Day 2 PBCW Rani Emaan

    Rani Emaan has been two most distinguished and renowned fashion designers in Pakistan fashion industry. These two designers have been working in the fashion for the last four years and in just four years they have touched the success limits in the fashion world. They have even gained huge likeable and positive appreciation in the international standards as well. Last month Bridal Couture Week was arranged in coordination with Pantene Brand. In this event Rani Emaan showcased their bridal collection 2012 for women and men. The whole collection was appearing splendidly magnificent and awe-inspiring for the brides and grooms. Every single dress was appearing to be diverse from each other. The bridal dresses were filled with lehengas and sharara whereas the groom category clothing was covered with the sherwanis. The dresses were extreme gorgeous looking and hence they were fully showing the talent of these two designers in the fashion division.
    The whole bridal collection 2012 has been overflowing with the colorful and attractively dazzling color schemes such as green, red, blue, purple and orange for women while the men dresses were painted with black, white and brown shades. The best and identified attractive thing about the whole bridal collection has been the top of the embroidery work and stone and motif combination that was even making the collection much charming and stunning looking. The collection was appearing even more glittering when the beautiful and good-looking models walk on the even tramp adding with Saima Azhar, Rabia Chaudhary, Nadia Hussain and so on. The main show stopper of the event was Ayesha Sana. So all the men and women if you really missed the chance of watching the bridal collection live on event then donít be sad because here we are sharing few of the striking pictures of Rani Emaan bridal collection 2012 at Pantene Bridal Couture Week.
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