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Thread: Pantene Pakistan - Day 2 PBCW Kosain

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    Pantene Pakistan - Day 2 PBCW Kosain

    The second day of Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012 Lahore edition followed a mehndi theme. The entire area had the feel of mehndi ceremony including the ramp, red carpet and entrance area. Pantene Bridal Couture Week Lahore 2012 is organized by Style360.
    New and fresh designer Ammar Shahid kicked off the show with his striking bridal collection. The designer introduced heavy embellished bridal dresses for his new collection. Designer Hijab was the next designer with peek-a-boo shirts and Capri pants. The colors used were not so Mehndi themed except a few pieces that stood out due to vibrant hues and impressive cuts.
    Bodybeat productions presented a mehndi performance featuring Hasan Rizvi and Rubya Chaudhry. The performance set the energy level of whole audience high as there was a buzz in the end. Rani Emaan closed the first act with her stunning Nauratan Collection. Sanam Marvi performed wearing her heavy green beige outfit. The showstoppers gave the ramp more energy.
    Cara’s Jodhabai collection opened the second act of the evening. Gorgeous Mahnoor Baloch was the showstopper for Cara. Followed by Kosain Kazmi presenting Chattapatti collection with Jamdani shawls and the day ended with Ali Xeeshan‘s high lively bridal collection. Opened by Jadugar Mathira herself, as she performed. The 2nd day of Bridal Couture Week 2012 ended on a high with more expectations for the 3rd and last day.
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