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Thread: Bonanza Pret Launch - Fashion Presentation

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    Bonanza Pret Launch - Fashion Presentation

    Established in 1976, Bonanza Garments started its operation with only a handful of machines and individuals. Bonanza Garments is the most successful, widely recognized and often imitated clothing products in the history of Pakistan apparel industry. Over successive generations, Bonanza Garments have secured the attention, imagination and loyalty of diverse consumers.
    It is a general perception that illustrious brands and businesses are built by maintaining the highest standard of their products and services and subsequently earning the trust and confidence of all our consumers, employees, communities and well wishers through meticulous business practices. Same is the scenario with Bonanza & since Bonanza has a strong database of satisfied consumers who provide us their feed back from time to time. It is imperative to have feedback from consumers, good or bad; it helps an organization to get even closer to the end users.
    At the time when Bonanza was established, not many people wore readymade clothes in Pakistan. Traditional tailorís stitched clothes were more popular. Today almost everyone goes for ready to wear clothes. In todayís fast moving world no one has the time to visit the fabric shop and purchase suitable material, think of or select a style and then give it to the tailor and wait hoping for the best. With Bonanzaís large selection, one can just walk into one of House Of Bonanza out let and pick up ready made clothes for the entire family. Clothes that are in tune with the latest fashion and are reasonably priced. The readymade garment manufacturers are armed with scissors and seam, fabric and flair have won the wardrobe war and there is no doubt that Bonanza is one of the conquerors in this war.Primarily, Bonanza is more known in the menís apparel industry throughout Pakistan but lately Bonanza decided to enter the already flooded woman fabric and prÍt collection sector. In February 2011 Bonanza launched its first designer series lawn and to the surprise of many had a very successful launch. It was equally praised by the classes and masses. In March/April 2011 Bonanza participated at the PFDC Sun silk Fashion Week in Lahore to launch its PrÍt collection and once again got accolades from all and sundry. Since the response at the fashion week was overwhelming, Bonanza made the decision of introducing its prÍt collection at some of its own retail out lets.
    Automation is rapidly changing the structure and complexion of Pakistan's apparel industry. Shuttle less looms and other automated machinery now produce flawless fabric which is printed, dyed and finished in most modern processing units. Bonanza has, within its group, its own knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing units. For apparel making Bonanza has special purpose machines, which are operated by well-trained and experienced persons under the supervision of foreign qualified efficient technical managers. Instead of being a producer of low priced, low quality garments Bonanza enjoys the reputation as a manufacturer of reasonably priced good quality garments, which are absolutely World Class. There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality standards.Bonanza Launched their new pret line in collaboration with Maheen Karim and Sanum Chaudri.The event took place at Dolmen Mall clifton. Event was managed by Catwalk Production and PR was done by Catalyst PR and Marketing.
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