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Thread: Red Carpet Lux Style Awards 2013 (Close-up)

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    Red Carpet Lux Style Awards 2013 (Close-up)

    Every year Pakistan’s famous Lux style award held and its most awaited award show in Pakistan and other countries. Lux Style Awards 2013 is 12th award show. Lux Style Awards 2013 Red Carpet captured all celebrities walking over the Red Carpet and posing beautifully their style in front of the camera. Red Carpet of any award show is kind of competition between celebrities and fashion designers. For this five hours long night, all of the celebrities and fashion designers were dressed in eye catching dresses.
    Lux Style Awards 2013 Red Carpet:
    Film star Humaima Malick was wearing an embellished one shoulder gold Layla Chatoor gown. Meera walked the red carpet in metallic gold dress. Aamina Sheikh was in radiant backless white dress by Nabila. Mehreen Syed wrapped a white sari by Mehdi, walking with Ahmed Shaikh. Iman Ali of Body Focus was in her signature simple elegance wearing Rizwanullah dress.
    Khadijah Shah in a black gown, Chanda paired all black with a beautiful necklace, filmstar Sana was in shimmering slinky black Shehla Chatoor LBD, Maryam Shafaat in an embellished black lace kameez with Emmad Irfani.
    Attiya Khan was in bright sari; Rukaiya Adamjee and Mohsin Sayeed were in flamboyant summery print. The gorgeous couple Sara Bharwana was in sari with Atif Aslam. Ayesha Fazli was also in bright sari with the fashion couple- Sanam Taseer and Omer Salamat. Momina Sibtain had a Max Azaria gown, Mahirah Khan in Elan, Rabia Butt in a grey lace gown. Maheen Karim marked gold off shoulder dress and Zara Peerzada and Kamiar Rokni were the most fashionable and stylish at the Red Carpet of Lux Style Awards 2013.Here's a CloseUp of Celebrities & Socialites from the Red Carpet of Lux Style Awards 2013
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