iHome ZN9 Stereo Alarm for Zunes
All you ten Zune owners, there's a new speaker dock that features a built-in alarm clock to help you get out of bed, only to be reminded that it is time to settle for a iPod as you then have tons of accessories to choose from. Some of the features found on the iHome ZN9 stereo dock include :-

* Wake or sleep to Zune, AM/FM Radio or buzzer
* Auto-Set Clock sets itself
* Programmable Snooze
* High-fidelity stereo
* Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep increase/decrease Alarm/Sleep volume
* Dual alarm with AM/FM presets
* 7-5-2 feature for separate weekday and weekend alarm times


It retails for a penny under a $100, and makes for a great gift for all Zune owners.