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Thread: Joy of Rain ~ Happy Monsoon

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    Joy of Rain ~ Happy Monsoon

    Rain Is Sweet

    Rain is sweet

    It drips and drops

    You can dance in the rain

    And even drink the rain.

    I love rain.

    Rain is the water that falls from the clouds


    From the beautiful sky at night.

    I love the dancing rain that comes

    And drips down.

    It sparkles in the night of the moon,

    On the leaves and on the grass.

    Rain is so sweet.

    Rain is clear and drips down to earth.

    It feels wet and soggy.

    It looks like tears from my eyes

    Touches my heart and

    Makes me happy.

    I love the rain.

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    Wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,loved it!!! really.............thanks for this post!

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    thnx nappy
    nice post
    nd happy monsoon 2 all

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    cheers to u both

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