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Thread: T-Crisis 100% 5.9 Remix (Mobile Game)

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    T-Crisis 100% 5.9 Remix (Mobile Game)

    T-Crisis 100% 5.9 Remix
    Palm OS 3.x/4.x/5.x
    Publisher's description of T-Crisis 100%
    Play 100% free perfect Tetris with amazing graphics, sound, and music on your Palm PDA/Smartphone. Beautiful full color and high resolution graphics. Awesome digital sound effects. Amazing digitally orchestrated soundtrack featuring over 40 minutes of CD quality music. Perfect control with available 5-way navigator and hard buttons. 7 different and exciting game modes including original Gameboy mode and the unique Crisis+Mode. Saved high scores table for each game mode. Fully customizable game options and saved game preferences, including: new game garbage level, new game start level, display next piece on/off, display drop shadow on/off, display background on/off, sound & music volume and you can configure the control buttons. Limited edition includes the controversial history of this game.

    Click here to download


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    Nice post.......carry on dear

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