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Thread: Celebrities Wearing Isharya - Part 01

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    Celebrities Wearing Isharya - Part 01

    Isharya is a premium contemporary costume jewelry brand which creates statement pieces which effortlessly fuse California chic with Bollywood glamour. Inspired by India’s intricate and vibrant style, we strive to innovate by blending modern techniques with heirloom details to create on trend, high quality jewelry that is provocative and sophisticated, yet available at accessible price points. From dramatic chandelier earrings to jewel encrusted cuffs and bold cocktail rings, each piece is designed to emphasize the charisma and confidence of the modern day, jet-setting woman. We want to make her feel glamorous, no matter what time of day or occasion.
    In 2004, sister-in-laws Gauri and Radhika Tandon launched Isharya as a passion project when they decided to create a jewelry assortment that would address the void they observed in the market for high quality, Indian inspired fashion jewelry. Their unique product offering consisting of embellished wood and resin jewelry, chandelier earrings and intricate cuffs and cocktail rings quickly drew attention of editors, stylists, celebrities and retailers who wanted to purchase their unique pieces. The name Isharya is inspired by their family and is a combination of their children’s names – Ishaan, Armaan and Arya. In 2007, they decided to focus on this hobby fulltime and moved forward with their dream of building a global fashion brand. There has been no turning back since.
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