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Thread: tribute to NAHEED AKHTAR at EID

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    tribute to NAHEED AKHTAR at EID

    'The BEST EID SHOW"by Mohsin jaffer
    coming soon..tribute to NAHEED AKHTAR
    aheed Akhtar (or Nahid Akhtar) is a Pakistani playback singer. She was discovered by veteran musician M. Ashraf in the mid-1970s. Naheed Akhtar was a replacement of Runa Laila, who had left Pakistan the same year. Her debut film was Nanha Farishta in 1974 and that year she sang songs in the film Shama.
    Nahid Akhter became a threat to Madam Noor Jehan and for a while she dominated Urdu film music. Her stylistic mastery and trade marked television appearances continued through the 1970s. Increasingly, though, her attention was turned to the cinema. Films became the topmost priority to Nahid while television went down to the next level. She was very talented singer . She was very populor in Pakistan. She was married with journalist Asif Ali Pota in the mid 80s and then she left the film scene.
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