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Thread: 62 breathtaking Photos of Kedar Disaster

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    Unhappy 62 breathtaking Photos of Kedar Disaster

    A complete album posted to me by friend Tony

    Dear Col Balakrishnan,

    Nice of you to send a complete album of the Kedarnath flood and landslide debacle. More than anything, kudos to our conscientious army
    and airforce for one of the greatest evacuation effort in the most dangerous terrains. But I also give the affected people of Kedarnath and
    suburbs the credit for the grit to face all the mishap that has befallen them.

    Come to think of people in remote areas not even getting any govt. assistance at all due to non-accessibility (an easy way out by most lazy
    bureaucratic official), an example being given below.
    Their resolve to live with nature's assistance is astounding.

    Living root Bridges are built in the deep valleys of East Khasi hills in central Meghalaya, Northeast India. The people of these villages (Nongriat, Laitkynshew

    and others) are isolated from rest of the world as these are located in a deep valleys which can only be reached by an arduous trek. Now though the situation is

    better as there are steps built to visit the valley. You have to descend and climb more than 2100 steps at a time. Since these valleys were inaccessible for a long

    time people came with this ingenious solution to cross rivers which were very full due to tremendous rainfall during the monsoon. They plant the strangler fig

    trees on both sides and once they grow they use guides such as bamboo poles or string for the roots to grow around them. Then in 10-15 years or so a bridge is

    grown. This is multi-generational effort. these bridges are extremely durable and last 5 to 6 centuries.


    What do we make of all this? Indeed we all live purely by the grace of God. So far no natural calamity has affected us.In addition to offering our

    daily prayers to God, lets also pray that Govt. officials have the wisdom not to plan unviable projects which may cause future man made disasters.


    Tony Chacko

    LETS PRAY.... (What else we can do..)
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