Isle of Man Motorcycle Race - awesome!
This is an Isle of Man camera video done really well. It lasts about five minutes.
Keep in mind that this is the last true motorcycle road race in the world.
Each lap is 37.75 miles long with over 200 turns. And the record for a single lap is over 130 MPH. There are straight sections where the bikes hit over 200 MPH.


It is hard to imagine such riding speeds but they do it every year at the end of May and have been doing so since 1907.
There have been over 240 rider fatalities in the history of the event but it is bigger than ever
Two riders were killed during the 2012 event.

The helmet cam video over the last minute or so of the clip is breathtaking. This event makes car racers look like a bunch of wussies. Even Sir Jackie Stewart is amazed by what he is seeing in the video. BTW, former Formula One World Champion John Surtees won this event before he switched from motorcycles to race cars.

Here's the video, Talley Ho lads:

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