Hasselblad H3DII-50 is Mind-Boggling
Hasselblad's H3DII-50 is the company's sharpest ever camera, capable of capturing 50 megapixel images with easy thanks to a new 36mm x 48mm Kodak sensor that measures double any full-frame sensor from a digital SLR. It will rely on CompactFlash (CF) memory cards as the storage medium of choice, or you can also use Hasselblad's very own Image Bank hard drives if you want to. Better get a whole stack of CF cards if you ask me as 50 megapixel images will fill those up pretty fast no matter how large the capacity. The H3DII-50 comes with FireWire connectivity, making it possible to connect to a computer for live uploading. There is no word on pricing or availability as at press time.