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Thread: Mitashi Likes to Keep Things Simple - MNEC-1GB MP3 Player

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    Mitashi Likes to Keep Things Simple - MNEC-1GB MP3 Player

    Mitashi Likes to Keep Things Simple - MNEC-1GB MP3 Player
    Mitashi likes to keep things simple Ė so in most cases they don't follow the trend of flaunting proprietary interfaces. This player offers 1GB of space and looks more like a pen drive. There are no buttons, just two touch-sensitive keys that double as volume keys as well as rewind/forward. Well, thatís pretty much it. However, the player features a cool working of wires that allows you to wear it like a pendant.
    One wire has a 2.5mm jack at one end that also supports the USB interface, and the other wire has a two-way interface with both 3.5mm as well as 2.5mm slot to plug in earphones (and when required the 2.5mm jack as well). Obviously you can keep the player in your pocket, but itís perhaps simpler to carry around your neck.

    There are no buttons, but the touch-sensitive keys are very responsive. So much so that even a slight unintentional brush while listening to music will skip the track for you. The player is so small that unless you are really careful, you will end up touching the keys on the face of the player. The lack of a Hold key only makes things more difficult. When the player's in use, you have to take care not to touch it, so crowded places like a commuter train are not a good idea.

    If you are wondering how to get the player to switch on in the first place, it's very simple Ė just plug the wires in and wait for a few seconds. Thatís it. Thereís no pause button, so if you want the music to stop, just pull the wire.

    While the sound is decent, itís a whimsical and unreliable design concept. Enjoying music is the last thing you get to do with the Mitashi MNEC-1GB. It costs Rs 1990, which is a good price for the sound quality. However, the quirks may put you off.

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    thanks for sharing mrina

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