Yesterday was the the last day of the well known Bill Gates at Microsoft as a full time employee. He had worked really hard at Microsoft and made it touch the sky. Gates has been working since past 33 years in Microsoft and made the company stand out. It was Microsoft’s Windows who made the computing easier at that time when the people were not so familiar with computers. The simplicity of Windows made tons of users to feel the power of computing.

Today over 78,000 Microsoft employees working around the globe now needs a really good Gates’ successor in order to stay against the newly born giants like Google. Microsoft is facing a real challenge as Yahoo rejected the final offer of $33 per share and signed the advertising deal with Google. This indicates that Microsoft needs genuine guidance to stay in the market & compete with them.

He had also given a statement that he will be devoting his billions of wealth for eradicating disease & poverty.

Steve Ballmer working as sales & marketing chief executive manager in Microsoft admits that he’s no technology expert, unlike his programming-savvy predecessor with a calculator in his head. Here is the Steve’s tearful goodbye to Gates.

Another thing that the world is thinking now that what would Gates do after his retirement. The below video may help you out.