The organisation which manages Internet domains has passed a new deal. The .com era will now be ending in the coming years as the newly born plan will let companies select the domains matching their name. For eg. Hp can use .hp or IBM can have .ibm domains. This new proposal will let companies have unlimited number of so-called top level domains. Countries, States, cities can have their own premium domains such as .india , .mp , .bhopal , .brasil etc. Also more general terms will be available like .sports, .news, .games, .cars, .1234 , etc. The list is simply endless.

We still have no idea about how these infinite domains will work. Will companies be able to have whole series like (.company) or just ( or ( These new domain system will surely make everything confusing as if some user has to visit a website of a company then what will he have to type the URL in address bar? ( or ( or ( or ( or just (.company).

If the whole series given to the companies then this plan will be helpful to social networking sites such as Orkut or Facebook as users will be able to visit their profiles with (myname.orkut) or (myname.facebook) domains. This new pattern will still take time to appear on the Internet and also worldwide users will have to adapt this new trend.