t is said that “History repeats itself”. The FM age is back and this time you are not just a receiver but a transmitter also. I came across some FM transmitters which lets you play your iPod or mobile phone collection on the nearest FM receivers. It could be your home system or your car stereo, these work just anywhere on any FM player.

How do they work? These transmitters broadcast your music via FM frequencies. All you have to do is just set the same frequency on both transmitter and receiver and then just hit the play button. Your music is then played on the receiving device without any wires. Simple! Isn’t it?

The major plus point of these transmitters is that they use FM frequencies which is supported by most of the players. Also you can play your music on multiple devices near you making it a must have add-on for your music gadgets.

Some of them are made for Apple iPod’s and run from your iPod’s juice only, while if you are having some other brand MP3 player or a mobile phone you can have those which are having 3.5 mm jack for music input provided that your player or phone has 3.5 mm output jack.

These transmitters are available on majority of online shopping sites like eBay and Amazon. Just search for “FM transmitter” and you will get one for your player.