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Thread: Rubber Mobile Phone Made To Comically Poke Fun

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    Rubber Mobile Phone Made To Comically Poke Fun

    Rubber Mobile Phone Made To Comically Poke Fun

    The shape is simple. Itís a brick but at least itís a thin candy bar style brick. The body is totally rubberized in a bright color - you know, for all the hip people. The keypad is slightly angled for better ergonomics. On the rear is a 4-megapixel camera and a pair of stereo speakers made to comically poke fun at how animators denote a dead cartoon character. Hmm I kinda want one and then I kinda donít.
    It pretty much goes hand in hand, buy a new phone, get a new case for it so said phone doesnít end up looking like it went thru a doozy with Dizzy Devil. So two guys from two different design studios decided why not make a phone thatís rubberized, able to withstand the nicks and digs of life. The result is the SaY phone.

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    thanks for sharing nice share

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