Start-phrase- Don't tell my mother that I'm in North Korea. After leaving behind his cell phone, GPS and even newspapers before entering the country, Diego Bu˝uel poses as an actor to enter North Korea. Two friendly touring guides accompanied him and provides any necessary information. Starting in the capital of Pyongyang, Diego is housed in a hotel built on an island. Attending a Catholic mass in Pyongyang, Diego finds that there are no ordained priests in North Korea; mass is led by party members. Diego also tours a fairground where children have the chance to 'Kill American Imperialism' in a shooting game. Venturing to the world's largest stadium, Diego watches 100,000 dancers perform in celebration of 60 years of dictatorship. While this festivity paints an image of happiness and unity, the portrait is not quite as picturesque in the countryside. The effects of poverty, famine and oppression are deeply etched in the faces of its people and the landscape. Even in Pyongyang, the signs of repression are omnipresent - from the number of dances allowed to be performed (only 5-7 according to one party member) to the images of Kim Jong Il found in every corner.

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