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Thread: HTC Touch Dual Mobile Phone - Specs - Review - Gallery

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    HTC Touch Dual Mobile Phone - Specs - Review - Gallery

    HTC Touch Dual Mobile Phone - Specs - Review - Gallery

    The Touch Dual is taller, and some extra ounces have been gained in the process. It feels bulky than the original though, and a bit narrower too. If you compare the dimensions, here is what they look like: 107 x 55 x 15.8 mm (Touch Dual) as against 99.9 x 58 x 13.9 mm (Touch). The Dual weighs 120g, while the predecessor came in at 112g. It isn't that big a difference.
    What has changed is the addition of the 12-key numeric keypad, which opens up once the front portion is slid. This makes it really convenient to type messages, even while negotiating bumpy roads. I have written in my previous review about the downsides of having a small QWERTY keypad and trying to write anything while you are traveling. This is true especially in a country like India, where bad roads are a big problem. You just cant keep your hands steady even for a second.
    One of the silliest quirks of the HTC Touch happened to be the hot-swap slots. This time the side housing has been shifted to a more conventional encasing. For the SIM card you will need to go past the battery cover and the battery itself. Objectively, this isn't that bad, considering the problem one had to access the the SIM card HSS. At least, this time you don't need to grow long nails to get it out. The memory card slot is round the bend on the left side.
    The Touch Dual makes use of the MiniUSB interface (on the left), and on top you will see the volume keys. Having the USB slot, charging slot, and earphone jack all in one spot is a bad idea. You can't use one while using the other. The right side has only the camera key, while the back has the camera, self-portrait mirror and speaker.
    The problem with having the speaker at the back is that when the phone is kept on a soft surface, the sound gets absorbed or muffled, so if you get a call when you phone is on the bed, you may not hear it in the next room. The front panel is equipped with a 2.6-inch screen that has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, and thats about it.

    Specs HTC Touch Dual

    Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 with HSDPA 2100 MHz

    Physical 107 x 55 x 15.8 mm , 120g

    Display 2.6 inch 65K colors (240 x 320 pixels)

    Memory Practically unlimited entries and fields with microSD extendable

    Camera 2.0 Megapixel

    Connectivity USB, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G

    Battery Up to 250 hrs standby, 5 hrs talktime (according to product manual)

    Street Price Approx. Rs 24,000

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