Nokia Sports Tracker V1.78 S60V3 *ALL VERSIONS*


Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker that runs on S60 smartphones. Information such as speed, distance and time are automatically stored to your training diary. To be able to use application for real, you need Nokia S60 3.0 or 3.1 phone with Bluetooth GPS device or Nokia S60 3.0 or 3.1 phone with integrated GPS.

v1.78 (19.06.200
1) Added Italian language pack to installation file. Also our web service, *************************** supports Italian. Forza Ferrari, forza Kimi!
2) Due to a bunch of requests we've received, we decided to put a little new feature into test use: Nokia Sports Tracker now keeps track of your favourite music while you're exercising. Artist name and song title are now visible in the map view, and you can publish you favourite exercise music titles to the whole world by embedding our Nseries widget to your blog or home page. Web service support for this feature is on its way, stay tuned. This music tracking feature is now in test use. Few missing UI components will be added and visuals will be polished once the development team comes back from well deserved summer holidays. Until then: keep on rockin'!

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